Susan C. Anthony


Remember, Susan lives in Alaska, where it's EARLIER than anywhere else in the U.S. except Hawaii!

  • One hour earlier than Pacific time (please call after 9:00 your time)
  • Two hours earlier than Mountain time (please call after 10:00 your time)
  • Three hours earlier than Central time (please call after 11:00 your time)
  • Four hours earlier than Eastern time (please call after noon your time)

Telephone:  907-345-6689 (home / office), 907-244-3999 (Susan's cell), 907-240-3023 (homestead), 907-240-1861 (Dennis' cell)


Snail mail:  Instructional Resources Company, P.O. Box 111704, Anchorage, AK 99511-1704

FAX:  907-345-6689

Please accept my apologies for not participating in FaceBook, Twitter or other social media.  I guess I'm old-fashioned.  I still prefer e-mail and the web site. 

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