Susan C. Anthony

Wild Camping is Forbidden by LawUnusual Signs We Saw along the Way

Outside a classy English pub in the countryside near Bath: "No Football Coaches." (In England, "football" is soccer and a "coach" is a motor coach. Translation: Rowdy bus loads of soccer fans are not welcome.)

Road sign in Kenya: "You are now entering Belly Button Province."

"Kenya Police College, 'A' Mess"

Advertisement to find a home for a black cat in Kenya (accompanied by photo): "New position wanted. Custom features: (1) Low fuel consumption, (2) Plush black upholstery, (3) Four-on-the-Floor, (4) Cat-alytic converter."

On the unsubstantial cage of a 16' Nile crocodile in Nairobi: "Visitors throwing litter into this pit will be required to retrieve it."

On the shores of the Sea of Galilee: "Danger of Sweeping by Western Winps."

Here are a few photos of other signs that gave us pause or left us laughing:

Sign: Man falling head first down a mine shaftSign:  Disabled people crossingSign: Car falling into riverSign: Red arrow, white arrowSign: Speeding motorcycle over carSign: Side windCaution: Road Liable to Subsidence

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