Susan C. Anthony

A Few Things We Look Forward to Back in the USA

Broken phone in African hotelApril 13, 1988

  • Seeing our families
  • Turning on a hot water tap and getting hot water
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Getting on a scale showing pounds rather than kilos or stones
  • Reading a newspaper in English
  • Visiting a good bookstore and seeing what's new
  • Being served ice water with meals
  • Eating frozen yogurt
  • Making long-distance phone calls (see photo for what we once found in Africa when trying to make a call from a nice hotel)
  • Sleeping in a bed rather than on the ground
  • Going to McDonald's (Dennis' idea, not mine)
  • Getting free refills on coffee and tea
  • Being served butter and jam with bread
  • Cooking in a kitchen
  • Having public toilets easily accessible and free
  • Having dollars in our wallets
  • Having someone in a store say, "Can I help you find anything?"

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