Susan C. Anthony

Writing Samples and Ideas

At one time, I hoped to gather hundreds of examples of excellent student writing and compile a book like Poetry from the Heart with prose. That's more work than I'm able to put in at this stage in life, so this section is to at least share some of the resources I've collected that helped me in my teaching of writing.

Introductory Paragraphs

There are many ways to start a story. Try:

  • Conversation
  • Description (of the day, weather, character, town, etc.)
  • Action
  • "Once upon a time" (should not be used except for folk tales)
  • Explanation
  • Question
  • Flashback (start with something that will happen at the end, then write the story explaining how things got to this point)
  • An episode
  • Diary
  • Letter
  • Verse or song

Look at several books and focus on how the author began the story.

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