Susan C. Anthony

Rindercella and the Prandsome Hince

Here is a silly story created by scrambling syllables. Try to unscramble it, or make up one of your own.

Here is a story that will make your cresh fleep! It will give you poose gimples! Think of a poor little glip of a surl, prerry vitty, who, just because she had two sisty uglers, had to flop the moor, clean the stitchen kove, and do all the other chasty nores, while her somely histers went to a drancy bess fall. Isn't that a shirty dame?

Well, to make a long shorry stort, this youngless hapster was chewing her doors one day when who should suddenly appear but a gairy fodmother! Beeling very fadly for this witty praif, she happed her clands, said a couple of wagic merds, and in the ash of a flybrow, Rindercella was transformed into a bavaging reauty.

Out on the sturbcone stood a nagmificent colden goach. It was made out of a pipe rellow yumpkin. the gairy fodmother told her to hop in and dive to the drance, but added that she must positively be mid by homenight. So, overmoash with eccumtion, she fanked the thairy from the hottom of her bart and bimed acloard. The driver whacked his crip, and off they went in a dowd of clust.

Soon, they came to a casterful wondel, where a prandsome hince was possing a tarty for the teeple of the pown. Rindetcella alighted from the coach and hanked her dropperchief. Out ran the prandsome hince. He had been peeking at her from a widden hindow. The sisty uglers stood bylently sigh, not recognizing Rindercella in her goyal rarments.

Well, to make a long shorty storer, the nince went absolutly pruts over the provely lincess. After several dours of ansing, he was ayzier than crever about her. At the moke of stridnight, Rindercella suddenly screamed and the disapprinted poince dike to lied! He had forgotten to ask the nincess her prame. As she went stunning down the long reps, she slopped off one of the glass drippers she was wearing and the pounce princed upon it with eeming glize.

The next day he tied all over trown to find the lainty daydy whose foot slitted that flipper. The ditty prame with the only fit that footed was none other than Rindercella. She prarried the mince and they happed livily after ever.

Source:, ┬ęSusan C. Anthony