Susan C. Anthony

Prince William Sound UP CLOSE!

If you've ever been to Prince William Sound or dreamed of visiting an incredible water wilderness, we highly recommend Bill Rome's DVD Prince William Sound UP CLOSE.  It contains incredible footage, including a multi-ton iceberg surfacing from the toe of Columbia Glacier, more than 1000 feet below the surface. I doubt anyone else has ever captured such a rare event on film. The key is being there when it happens!

Bill has over 25 years of experience traveling the waters of Prince William Sound in an inflatable boat. This DVD is the a compilation of the best shots taken in years of observations and hundreds of hours of taping. He's willing to spend all day waiting for a glacier to calve or watching animals, and has wonderful camera equipment, including time-lapse and underwater cameras.

Watch mountain goats cavorting on sheer cliffs, whales breaching, and even a comical marmot munching lunch! As fellow Prince William Sound boaters and explorers, we know how difficult it is to get good photos from a boat, so we appreciate Bill all the more for sharing this incredible footage with us and everyone else. You will see Prince William Sound as we've seen it, minus the bugs and the rain of course. Running time is 45 minutes and don't miss the extra 5-minute "Video Hazard" wherein he solves the mystery of how thousands of dollars worth of cameras were destroyed out there in the wilderness. I won't give the answer away....

The price is $19.95 + $1.50 to ship first class. You can order right here.

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