Susan C. Anthony

Anderson Lake hangarsAnderson Lake Hangar Rentals

Note:  We have no hangars available to rent at present.

My husband had a lifetime dream of owning a hangar for his plane. We looked for years and ended up buying five hangars near Anderson Lake not far from Wasilla, Alaska. One is for us and the other four we rent out.

Each is about 1300 square feet. One is set up as a wood oshop and four have hangar doors. All have electricity. All walls and three of the ceilings are insulated. The three with ceiling insulation have gas heat. 

The lot is fenced though not always locked. It's a short taxi to the lake (ramp for float planes) or land strip (2200 foot, private, gravel).

Matanuska Air Service, Inc. (907-376-2626) is at Anderson Lake, as well as Performance Air Motive, Inc.

Directions:  From the Parks Highway going north, take Seward Meridian to Bog ard Road and turn right (it's a T so you have to turn). Go a few miles to the four-way stop sign and go straight through. Take the next street right and turn right just past the fence.  Follow the fence to the airplane gate, which is generally locked, but you can see the hangars through the chain link gate.

Rental agreement for hangars
Rules for hangar use

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