Susan C. Anthony

Hogar Mountains Landrover Expedition

December 6 - 7, 1987

From Tamanrasset, we paid a good number of our compulsorily exchanged Algerian dinars (some $120 worth) for an overnight trip to the Ashkerram hermitage in the Hogar Mountains. It was billed as an experience not-to-be-missed by tourists in the area.

Landrover in Hogar MountainsThe Landrovers that were to pick us up were two hours late, so the Touareg drivers raced across the desert, seemingly with little regard for their vehicles. There were a few stops for photos and even more for vehicle repairs—flat tires, brake problems, etc. Although our Landrover had no problems, everyone stopped when anyone stopped. Our driver was a devout Muslim, so we had a couple of prayer breaks en route. We made it to the hermitage just at sunset. There wasn't time to hike up and take photographs.

The Hogar Mountains are unique. They are lava cores of ancient volcanos. The surrounding volcanic cones have long since eroded. The area is incredibly beautiful, and looks like a scene from outer space.

We hiked up before dawn the next morning, but due to a rising duststorm, the sunrise was late and unspectacular.

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Source:, ©Susan C. Anthony