Susan C. Anthony

Dennis on the Lebanese borderThe Lebanese Border

Dennis follows the political situation in Israel with great interest, so when we had an opportunity to travel along the northern border, he took it. Unfortunately, we got lost. The road got narrower and bumpier and finally dead ended at a closed border.

In the photo, Dennis is standing near a tangle of barbed wire. On the other side is "no man's land" administered by the United Nations. There are land mines and several more barricades north of the wire.

Some Jews believe there will be no peace until Messiah returns to reign. That may well be the case. We were surprised that so many Israelis we met seemed to desire peace at any price. After 50 years of having to be constantly on guard against millions of deadly enemies, we understood their longing for peace. But peace at any price can't be had unilaterally.

I read once that a well-known Christian was asked how he knew the Bible was true. His answer, "The Jews, my friend, the Jews." The fact that Jews still exist as a distinct group after so many centuries of dispersion and persecution is miracle enough. The fact that Israel is a nation as foretold thousands of years ago by Old Testament prophets is even more miraculous. It is an exciting time to be alive. The stage has been set for some of the greatest events in human history to occur, possibly within our lifetimes.

In 2020, President Donald Trump brokered three historic peace treaties in under three months, between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan. More agreements were under negotiation when President Trump lost his bid for re-election.

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