Susan C. Anthony

Door to the Garden TombGarden Tomb

The Garden Tomb was more like what we had pictured in our minds as the place of Jesus' burial. Although most scholars do not believe this is the actual site of his burial, it was acquired by some English people in 1894 who had a vision to keep it as a sacred and quiet place for worship. When were were there in 1998, however, there were dozens of groups conducting separate worship services within earshot of each other. It was not exactly quiet.

The Garden Tomb is a typical rich man's tomb dating from the time of Jesus. Just outside the door is a ridge where a large stone would have been rolled in front of the door and sealed. Inside to the left, a 9'x9' weeping chamber had been carved out of the rock for the mourners. To the right there is space enough to bury three people.

An inscription on the door proclaims, "He is not here. He is risen."

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